You can able to gain a lot of new experience in your each mode in pixel gun 3d

If you wish to spend some time along with your friends and the relations without getting bored from the same place then you can download the thrilling and the interesting pixel gun 3D game where you all would stay united to fight against the zombies and make your village people live happily without any stress or worries about the zombies. In the beginning of the game you would get the free weapons to protect yourself from your enemies and if you move on to the next level then those weapons cannot able to protect you from your enemies because they would attack you in all the directions, so the user must use high ranged weapons to protect himself. To buy those weapons you have to spend few gems and coins and you can gain those coins in the battle field whenever you defeat your enemies in the battle field.

You have to keep yourself alive till the game gets over so the best way is to use the survive mode and practice to play and in this mode you able to earn lot of coins quickly and by using those coins you can able to increase all your power. You have to stay alive and kill the maximum number of the zombies you can because it is not easy for you to attack zombies and you would have time to relax at the same time you cannot able to think from which side your enemies are coming in order to protect yourself you have to keep on firing your enemies.

pixel gun 3d guide

Attack and plan before you move to the other levels

There is a cooperative mode in the pixel 3D game where you can start your attack with your another four friends and you must get the eight special maps which is available for you and by using that you can able to locate all the places easily and to get the coins quickly. If you like to gain those coins without fighting or discovering the map then you can use the pixel gun 3d cheats to get those coins using that hack tool.

  • You can also start your attack from the face to face when you are fighting like that you just aim for the head attack which would save your bullets.
  • You have to wipe all the zombies who had hidden in your farm and in the house and make your village stays happy.
  • The death mode would be so horrible and it would be the tough job for you to keep alive from the zombies.
  • You have to find the secure place and hide yourself from those terrible attack and you have to plan before you start talking any step in the game.

The pixel gun 3D game would make you to think a lot and make your all friends to join and work and that would help to improve your skills and you won’t like to keep your mobile phone down when you begin to play the game.

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